Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Strong Finish!

After having a very stressful day and all the urge to drink diet coke or caffeine I have avoided it!! I am so proud of the progress I've made in going without caffeine. I have learned that caffeine is extremely addictive. I'm so glad that I was able to avoid dealing with the withdrawal symptoms. This past 30 days have taught me persistence is key in giving something up! Thanks again to all my followers!
I will never forget this experience and I'm so glad that I chose giving up caffeine for 30 days! I feel so much healthier! :)

Thank you!

I would really like to thank my friends and family. Without your support I know this past 30 days would have been extremely difficult. My mom was a major help in hiding all the diet coke in our house. :) Thank you everyone for the text, facebook posts, and comments on my blog. This past 30 days has indeed been a journey and I thank you so much for helping me get through it! :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

so close :))

Today is starting out to be a good day. I actually have no urge to drink caffeine. This is pretty exciting. I have relied on caffeine for so many years and not needing to rely on it for my energy has been amazing. My body has improved so much in making its own energy!
My new favorite drinks have become diet sierra mist, Gatorade, and propel! :) I love not having to constantly think about when I'm going to get my next caffeine drink or how I'm going to make it through a class without having a diet coke in my hand!
It's looking like its gonna be a good day!! :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

almost there!

Being at home is always a challenge for me. But only in the sense that all my family drinks is caffeine. There are cans everywhere and its soo much easier to drink that then poor a glass of something. So in a sense I've learned that I'm a lazy person. I like to do whats easiest and if i struggle with it or don't want to put the effort in then forget it.
Today after babysitting 4 wonderful children all afternoon. I was extremely worn out and I still had to go to church and babysit for someone else. It has seemed as though my day will never end. At church the diet coke just sits in the fridge and I can't but help myself to one. I have learned that as much as caffeine has horrible effects on my body I love it soo much!! 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Treated myself

Earlier in the evening I went to McDonald's... Epic fail! I got a large diet coke. I just suck at saying no to diet coke. As much as I know it's bad for me. I just love the feeling I get from drinking it.
When getting it I thought well I haven't had caffeine in a few days and I've been really working hard and getting things done so I thought why not treat myself!
I just have to remember no diet coke this weekend at home. This could be a challenge!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

lessons learned!

This picture I got from a friend on Facebook. This picture truly explains my love of diet coke.

Today I've realized a few things:
1. I am actually getting homework done FINALLY! I am no longer concerned with when I will get a diet coke next (I really am an addict)!!
2. Even though I have made it almost 30 days I do miss diet coke (with caffeine) soo much! The Caffeine free version just sucks!!!
3. I have totally changed my previous goal. I wanted to be diet coke free...but as we can tell that is not going to happen and I have come to terms with it. So I have just given up caffeine in general! Even though I epically fail OFTEN... I've learned the effects caffeine has on my body.
4. I've learned that you either have to give up caffeine completely or never give it up. Because drinking it one day and then not the next basically your head kills!! lol

These are just a few of the things I have learned... 6 MORE DAYS!!! :))

I did something bad. :/

So basically my week has been terrible. Always in the past I could turn to caffeine to bring my spirits up. I made it all day monday without any but tuesday was just a different story. I was so frustrated with everything that I decided to drive how last night. On my way home I drank a Diet Coke. I just needed the mood booster and honestly it really did help. I almost feel like I rely on Diet Coke to help me forget whats going on in my life (I know its insane...but its true). Once I got home I spent the whole night up cleaning because my mom doesnt feel well and doing hw...so i cracked open a diet mountain dew...

I'm learning to learn from my mistakes and move on in life. :)