Monday, March 5, 2012

Road Trip :)

Today starts week 2 of my journey to being caffeine or diet coke free. Today I'm failing miserably... I have doubled my intake from last week of only 40 oz. It's spring break week and I just drove 6 hours so maybe thats why I'm ok with failing a little. I'm gonna try to spend the rest of the weak at  least with only one diet coke or just drink caffeine free diet coke.
Honestly I kind of forgot that there was such a thing as caffeine free diet coke. I absolutely love diet coke and I really just want to be caffeine free so I am thinking that I will start drinking caffeine free dc (diet coke).
I'm hoping to stay on track most of the week. I probably won't be updating my blog as much because its spring break and I really want to have fun!! :) Thanks for all the encouragment that you hav been giving me! It's so helpful.

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  1. the picture is from check out her blog! she talks about her journey in giving up diet coke!!